A: Our company focuses on service that provides professional treatment to premises. Our Nano360 Service Team will provide service to treat the surfaces at your premises to prevent the growth of bacteria and virus and purify the indoor environment.
A: Nano360 is a medical grade disinfectant using Nanotechnology. This colloidal silver formula has antibacterial and antiviral properties. The special application method will deliver long lasting result. By atomisation, the nanosilver particles will form a thin invisible protective coating on surfaces. This is an intelligent solution to purify indoor area
A: The new nanocomposite (TTA) in Nano360 is a breakthrough in Chemical Nano Engineering. The TTA is formed by two chemicals: Soluble Silver and Titanium Dioxide. Silver alone is known to have antibacterial properties. The anatase crystal structure of Titanium Dioxide act as photocatalysts which inhibits the proliferation of germs. The charges carried by TTA destroy the cell membrane of bacteria. The nanocomposite also can breakdown the TVOCs.
A: The Nanocomposite (TTA) is the only silver solution on the market has obtained the US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) approval as a medical disinfectant.
A: Nano360 is a hi-tech and intelligent disinfectant that is environmentally-friendly and safe to use around children. Many of the off-the-shelf disinfectants are effective in killing germs, but they also contain chemicals that may be harsh to the environment. By introducing Nano Solution to more households or businesses, we can reduce the amount of harmful chemical wastes, in turn protecting our environment.
A: We mainly provide two services: Risk Assessment Service, as well as Nano Solutions Protective Coating service. With these two services, bacteria and virus in your working and living environments can be effectively reduced.
A: It is an Environmental Health testing service to assess hygiene and air quality indoor. We help customers to identify high risks areas and blind spots in their working and living environments.
A: Nano360 is the only Nano silver / titanium dioxide product on the market has obtained the US FDA approval as a medical disinfectant. As the exclusive agent of Nano Solution for Australia and New Zealand, we are registered with Department of Health to import this product to Australia.
A: Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic gas with a strong taste and smell. It is a highly volatile gas, meaning it is easy to vaporize and remain in the air. It is an important and common ingredient to many chemical products, including paints. Formaldehyde has long been proven to poses a significant danger to human health. The US National Toxicology Program described it as a ‘known to be a human carcinogen’. Nowadays, Formaldehyde is common and ubiquitous among newly decorated house and cars, new furniture, and wooden products. Its emission usually lasts for 3 to 5 years and even up to 10 years.
A: Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) is a mixture of hundreds of gases, which affects indoor air quality, and therefore human health. It is emitted from an array of indoor sources encompassing floor wax, paints, printers, carpet, and cigarettes. The smell of TVOCs is pungent and it is particularly irritating to infants. TVOCs may be human carcinogens but the symptoms of exposure )including fatigue, headaches, drowsiness, skin and eye irritation) are obvious. Furthermore, respiratory, allergic, or immune effects in infants and children are commonly associated with man-made TVOCs.
A: All businesses can benefit from being protected against microbes.